Pamper Your Pets With A Purr-fect Pilgrimage To A Pet Resort!

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Pamper Your Pets With A Purr-fect Pilgrimage To A Pet Resort!

10 March 2020
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Dogs and cats are two of the most beloved pets across the country, with millions of Australians caring for one or both of them! With so many dog and cat owners, it only stands to reason that occasionally some of them go on holiday or on trips away from home. On these trips, it is generally impossible to take your pets with you. This then raises the question of who will take care of the pets while you are gone. Luckily there is a great place for them to stay at and enjoy a holiday of their own.

Why Choose A Pet Resort?

There are many different types of cat and dog boarding options, but none are as lavish or as purposefully designed as a pet resort. The caretakers at a pet resort are not only concerned with keeping your pet alive but also with making sure they enjoy their time there through a variety of activities, meals and companionship. It is much easier for pet owners to go on holiday knowing that their favourite feline friend or pup is also enjoying their time. Often, children take separation from pets the hardest, so showing them that their pets will be enjoying their time too can ease this separation anxiety.

The Features

Pet resort places are different across the country, but it is not hard to find ones with at least some of these features:

  • Shallow pools for water-loving dogs (and cats, too, if there are any!) 
  • Training regimes to keep their mind occupied
  • Excellent quality pet food with fresh and dry options
  • Quality social time with pets of similar size and temperament (i.e., no big, boisterous dogs with your timid little beagle)
  • One-on-one time with trainers and caretakers. 
  • Regular grooming and medication treatment (for those that need it)

All of this in an area far away from the hustle and bustle of city life where your pets can roam around and enjoy all the sights and smells nature can offer them. 

How Do You Know Everything Is As It Seems?

It is natural to be protective of your beloved pets, and pet resort staff recognise this. That is why you can visit the facilities yourself! You can do this either when you drop your pet off or beforehand. To keep your pet with some semblance of normality you can also give them some of their toys, favourite blankets and bedding to take with them. This will remind them of home and make sure that they don't forget you in all the fun they are having.